For a First Post

So, here it is. I have been told by people (maybe “people” is generous; If I want to exaggerate one, should I say “persons”?) that I should start my own blog. So, like I said, here it is.

First, the name. Noyam (pronounced: noy’ – ahm. Stress the first syllable, pronounced like the Jewish complaint “Oy!”, second syllable as though you were sticking your tongue out for a throat culture, and then stuck an M at the end) is the Eastern European chasidish pronunciation of my first name. The youth leader of my synagogue when I was growing up called me that ALL THE TIME (I hated it. HATED!). Now, I’m older, and I love it. It stuck, and I use it as a nickname and online avatar all the time. Like now, like this blog. See, it all works.

The title of the blog is obviously ripped off from the HBO program “Da Ali G Show,” which I don’t watch, but am slightly familiar with. So why the minor changes? Well, I don’t speak like Ali G, so I will not spell “the” as “da.” And I am Noy G. Noy being the first syllable of my online name, (have you forgotten already? Were you even paying attention at all?) and G being the first letter of my last name. And my Eighth Grade gemara (talmud) teacher used to call me that. This was before J-Lo (in 1992), I never realized how forward thinking Rabbi Siff was. Nuts.

So, now you know why I call myself what I do, and why I named my blog what I do. Maybe a few words about what I do? OK.

I am a law student at Columbia Law School (which I think is the official name, though the career services advisor who helped me with my resume told me to write Columbia University School of Law. Whatever.). I am in my third year, which means that I have a lot of free time. I am married and have a nine-month-old daughter. Which means I have a lot of free time to spend in school. (Just Kidding. I love my family, it’s just that my wife doesn’t like when I skip class, so I come in, and go to class.) So I surf the web, play games, chat with friends online, and read other people’s blogs. I like to comment (I always have loved to comment. My elementary school teachers used to call this “calling out.” I called it “being smarter than you.” And then the principal called my mom.) I guess that’s why I finally gave in, and started this. A forum for me to post my own comments on things that are bothering me. So that’s that. Right now, though, I don’t want to overwhelm you, so I’ll wrap things up.

Just know, if you are as bored as me, check back often. I look forward to posting often. (Like I said, I like to comment.) I look forward to recieving comments and questions. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is a potential target. Some may even be repeat targets (those ladies on “The View” deserve such a bashing, they’ll get theirs).

I just hope people read this, otherwise WOW, what an exercise in narcicissim. On that note, I think I see a mirror over there…


4 responses to “For a First Post

  1. Let me be the first to welcome you to the cool club. May the best blogger win.

  2. Who would’ve thought the most influential people in your life would be Rabbi Siff and Mr. Silverstein…?
    Go figure…
    Oh, and thanks for giving me another place to kill time in class and at work.

  3. Dueling Blogs? How exciting!

  4. Noyam,
    check out:

    Thanks for the inspiration to create my own 3L time killing machine…

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