How to Be?

I am kind of wrestling with myself as I decide the tone and nature of this blog. Should I post about serious issues for discussion, like racial profiling, evolution, abortion and other things, or should I keep it light, funny and joking about funny things that happen in my life? Should I post long, interesting (at least to me) posts to spur discussions, or short, joking posts that get people to laugh?

So I guess it’ll be somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, if something is bothering me or on my mind about a serious issue, I’ll post long and make my case. If something funny happens to me during my day, I’ll post short and funny stories. But most of the time, probably, I’ll post lighthearted, funny posts about serious topics. Because I’m nothing if I can’t make fun of people and things that are taken (or take themselves, argh!) too seriously.

So, please, as you read, keep in mind that I may have some opinions that are controversial, some that are fairly widely held, and some that are jokes, meant to piss people off.

And if I piss you off, maybe it’s because you’re taking yourself too seriously, and you need some introspection, to determine why YOU piss ME off?

A quick Mazel Tov to a law school classmate of mine who’s wife just gave birth to a baby girl. May she bring you much happiness and love.


One response to “How to Be?

  1. Good luck keeping up the posting. I have tried a whole bunch of times, and just cannot find enough to say.

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