You Could Have Come to Me

This blog is an open forum. Comments are allowed, even from anonymous users. There’s a link on the side to send me an email directly. And blogger is a free service, so that anyone can start a blog and post a response and maintain it how they choose.

From now on, should anyone disagree with something I write, or take issue with it on a personal level (even when I specifically say not to), I implore you to come to me personally. Nobody else needs to be bothered.

What I post here is a method of personal expression. Nobody is forced to read it. In fact, I thought nobody did. If you don’t like what I say, aside from being welcome to comment, you are welcome not to read it.


2 responses to “You Could Have Come to Me

  1. This is a weak excuse for Noyam sticking up for himself. I want to see the real orignial post back up. I will be satisfied by nothing short of that.

  2. Same here… Go 1st Amendment!

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