I’m Back, Baby!

Hey, Everyone!

The Blog-iatus is over. Kinda.

So I got my pro bono hours done, finished both papers and did my revision.

All that’s left is three more finals.

I actually finished that stuff a couple of weeks ago, but decided to extend the time off, and go to Miami Beach, the Holy of Holies, for Pesach.

It was my first trip to Miami Beach (or anywhere near South Florida, actually) EVER IN MY LIFE. Luckily (on not, depending on your perspective, but I’m not an 18-year-old girl), I wasn’t staying so near “the scene” (which, I am told, has it’s ground zero at the Eden Roc). I actually walked one yomtov afternoon down to the Eden Roc, and then farther down the boardwalk. When I got back to my apartment, I cursed the Miami heat (not the basketball team, though they were in the process of destroying my Nets) for making me sweat on a three-day yomtov, and then thanked G-d I wasn’t staying over there.

So that’s where I’ve been for three weeks, working and sunning it up (and staying inside the house in Woodmere during the rainy second days). But I’m back. Not in full force, just yet, because I have a week and a half of finals left. But I am looking forward to resuming posting some random thoughts on some random topics. I hope you look forward to reading.


One response to “I’m Back, Baby!

  1. You’ve never been to Miami before? Ever? Are you sure?

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