Status Report

So, I’m graduating tomorrow. And since I can check my grades online, I know that they’re all in, and all my credits and requirements are in order. I laid out my gown, hood and tam, getting them ready for tomorrow. I haven’t picked out an outfit to wear, but I’ve given it thought (yeah, I can be a girl sometimes). And I made dinner reservations (at TPG, of course).

So I’m all set to go.

Meanwhile, in other news, Pesach, finals and May sweeps have converged in a perfect TiVo storm. So, while I “studied” (which means sat around on the computer and played Xbox, all while glancing at an outline) and took tests, shows I need to watch piled up on the box. Now, the box is full. Serisouly, full. I have a 35 hour harddrive, and I counted 34.5 hours of stuff on there to watch. So, Estee and I gotta start watching and deleting stuff (or cutting some fat…like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition…they’re all the same anyway) or tomorrow night’s shows won’t record. Uch, and I want to watch the Yankee game, too.

So, serisouly, it may be a lame excuse, but that’s why I haven’t really been blogging. I gotta keep up with the TV.

But here’s a promise. The blogging will be slow while I study for the bar, and may stop for the month that I am on vacation afterwards. But once I start work, and sit in front of a computer all day, and if a partner walks by my office and sees me typing, he’ll think I’m doing work, I’ll be back to blogging. None of those “work’s been really busy this week” type excuses. No no, my excuses are more to the slant of “vacation’s been really occupying me, and I haven’t needed as many brain outlets.”

Besides, doing nothing for extended periods of time really gets my antennae dulled. I haven’t been bothered or upset about something significant in some time. Other than the Yankees crapping all over their pinstripes to start the season. BUT, even that’s been rectified. Were back to where I expect a sweep of the Mets this weekend, and won’t accept anything less than a 14-game winning streak intact on Monday.

I’ve also been spending some blog time reading other blogs, instead of writing. Lazy blogging. Don’t like it? In the immortal words of Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, “Bite me, doughboy.”

By the way, it may not be on Thursday like I hoped, but I plan on seeing Star Wars Episode III this weekend. After I do, I will write a review post. I have high expectations of this movie. And not about quality or anything that will show up in a movie review. I can’t wait for the story-lines to fill in. Seeing how things happen that HAVE TO HAPPEN. Enjoying the mythology that seems to bother this idiot reviewer. I can’t wait.


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