Singing Property Teachers

What is it about women who teach property?

I’ve had 2 in my life (one in Columbia and one for BarBri) and both of them felt the need to sing. In class. As a pedagogical tactit. (although I imagine there was some sense of self-actualization involved, eh, Maslow?)

Is property so mind altering as require music to maintain sanity?

Don’t answer that; I’m still outlining my class lecture notes…and I just plugged the speakers into my computer, and loaded up a playlist. (Miami Boys Choir! I definitely think Franzese’s references to N’Sync had an impact on me. It’s a shame I don’t remember the concept she was singing about…)

I’ve left my sanity in the capable hands of Yerachmiel Begun. Pray for me.


2 responses to “Singing Property Teachers

  1. something about shakespeare eating popcorn with tony bennet…by that point I couldn’t get the Fifty Cent rap out of my head…

  2. Don’t mess w/ Franzese – her dad created Penne ala Vodka.

    Just remember “you can’t revive a dead contract – it’s like necrophelia”


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