I’m Not Going

Gary Sheffield says that if the Yankees trade him, he’s going to be unhappy and everyone will know about it.

This from someone who admitted to making bad plays on purpose to force a trade from the Brewers.

Now, I don’t know if the Yankees have soured on his clubhouse personality (which they should have known would eventually bite them in the ass when the signed him), or they are just fielding offers because you have to listen, and they don’t really intend to trade him, but…

This latest rumor, AJ Burnett and Juan Encarnacion for Sheffield is one that I would have accepted and faxed to league office before Florida had a chance to blink. Let Florida deal with his prima donna BS. The Yankees have to do what’s best for the team, and getting a hard throwing 28 year old pitcher with experience and good numbers with a solid RF who’s 29 for a disgruntled player who’s 37, battled shoulder problems for two years and doesn’y play the field so well anymore is worth it. Sure, the yankees would be giving up some offense. But not a lot. Encanacion is .271, 10, 42, with better speed and a better arm than Sheffield. Sheff is a better hitter, no doubt, but he’s only got 13 HR’s this year, so it’s not a terrible drop-off in power.

Ship him off. Don’t let his crazy, selfish antics stop you. Make whatever deal you can for him, as long as it’s not for Mike Cameron straight up (that would just be stupid).


One response to “I’m Not Going

  1. They need the D and should definitely field offers. Cameron and Cairo is not the deal to take. The Florida deal is more like it…

    Bottomline, after his comments and with his track record, GM’s will be running from him like little boys run from Michael Jackson…

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