Just caught the end of tonight’s NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams, conlcuding the show, says that a number of people have objected to NBC’s use of the term “refugees” to refer to those people who have been displaced from their homes as a result of the destruction caused by Hurrican Katrina (and the way the situation was bungled and made worse by the Bush administration).

I was hoping, for just a split second, that Williams would say something like, “Well, you can stick your objection in your left ear,” or some such recognition that people are retarded and have too much to think about now than to complain about the use of the term.

But no, NBC actually took them seriously. Brian Williams actually said, “so we will begin to call them ‘evacuees’ or ‘survivors.'”

Now, “refugee” means “One who flees in search of refuge.” I understand that nowadays it has a political connotation. But what is so bad about calling these people what they are? Are people objecting that, heaven forbid, Americans are called refugees? Because like it or not, it’s true. Americans have been forced from their homes, fleeing a natural disaster. Perhaps these people are objecting because they don’t want Americans called a term we use for Palestinians and other third world minorities. “We can’t be refugees, we’re Americans.”

Whatever the motivation for it, xenophobic, racist or just plain stupid, it’s stupid. Now, NBC is being PC, and using a term that is mostly accurate, but doesn’t quite convey the true gravity of the situation. We should be using a term that calls to mind abject poverty and squalor. The living situation of the refugees from Katrina is no better, possibly worse, than those in Gaza. Why use a different word?


One response to “Ridiculous

  1. They’re freakin refugees…

    Oh an by the way, there is NOTHING racist about noting the fact that the majority of communities that were not evacuated were populated by African-Americans.
    It IS racist and offensive to use every other possible way to insinuate but not actually state that very point.

    Seriously, these news shows are so worthless, that’s why my new source of current events is The Daily Show and Family Guy. I learn a lot more about what is going on in the world from those shows than from that half-a-retard Shepard Smith pretending to cry over a dead dude on a bridge as he drinks from his endless supply of Poland Spring bottles that minutes before he probably refused to share.

    Man Dying of Thirst: “Shepard, love your show, I’m about to die of dehydration, could you spare some water for me?”
    Shepard: “In the interest of fair and balanced journalism, I must survive and report to the American people while I leave your sorry ass on the bridge to die. This way I could spend 2 hours writing up a moving 5 minute monologue to open my ‘Fox Report’ show while using your rotting carcass as the surreal background of my monologue to drive the story home to those sitting comfortable in other states. It is of utmost importance that you die and I live to tell the story. I will make up facts about how you lived and the circumstances leading up to your death. I will win awards and become teary-eyed as I thank the anonymous black man who died behind me on the bridge as I reported.”

    god I hate that pompous bastard…Except when he’s blasting the Arabs for being horrendous and violent animals…then I very much like him.

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