C. Virginia Run; C. Virginia Lose; C. Virginia Dance

Manhattan Borough President and former Democratic Mayoral Candidate C. Virginia Fields had her “victory” party at Webster Hall, a downtown club, after Tuesday’s primary, in which she finished third of four candidates.

(As an aside, A. Gifford Miller, who dropped the “A.” to sound more like a regular guy, finished fourth. He would probably have been better off dropping the “Gifford” and going with “Alan.” At least “Alan Miller” would have sounded more Jewish than Anthony Weiner.)

Anyway, back to Fields. After her concession speech, conceding the primary (or at least her chance at making it into the runoff, since she finished distant third), she took to the dance floor to celebrate. What she was celebrating, I’m not really sure, but she made it seem that running and losing was some sort of victory for her. I guess in the sense that she’s a black woman, just being able to run was some sort of moral victory. Except that’s hogwash, when blacks and women are elected all the time to major political offices, and a black woman is secretary of state, “just running” isn’t a big deal anymore.

Of course, there was the obligatory, “it’s everyone else’s fault but mine” tone to it. For instance, she collected the least money out of the four major democratic candidates. Was this for lack of effort or fundraising ability? No, no. Those would be faults with C. Virginia. The reason she didn’t collect as much money was because people didn’t donate enough to her campaign. See, it’s your fault. Or how about the scandal that pretty much sunk her campaign? She and her aides have no idea why it lasted so long. It must have been media bias. How about the fact that you denied any knowledge or involvement? How about the fact that after you fired the person “responsible,” he decided to go public with emails that were sent to you that showed you damn well should have known what was going on? Maybe that’s why it lingered. Just firing the guy isn’t enough to stop people from wanting to know what’s going on. “Why are you still talking about this, I fired him?” Uh, because you’re a liar? Maybe this is why she didn’t get as much contributions. Nobody wants to finance a sinking ship.

As long as she was dancing.


One response to “C. Virginia Run; C. Virginia Lose; C. Virginia Dance

  1. There was a primary for Mayor recently???


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