A Test to Determine Your Laziness

You are faced with multiple options for your morning commute. They are:

1. The Subway: It is about 3 blocks from your home and leaves you 2 blocks from your office. It doesn’t take more than 25 minutes. It costs a meager $2 per trip.

2. The Express Bus: It picks you up directly in front of your building; however, there are two lines:
A) Bus A: Takes about 35 minutes, and leaves you 2.5 AVENUE blocks from your office.
B) Bus B: Takes substantially longer, approx 55 minutes, but leaves you 1 CITY block from your office.
Each ride on an Express Bus costs $5.

Which do you take? The cheap, quick but FAR subway; the expensive quick but FAR Bus A; or the expensive, slow but CLOSE Bus B?

Does it even surprise anyone that I took Bus B this morning? It was such an agonizingly long ride, that even I, the standard by which the lazy meter gets calibrated every morning, am considering not doing that again.


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