He’s Waving Him Home! NO!

I’m not saying he’s bad. All I’m saying is: keep your eye on Luis Sojo. He may start to cost the Yankees runs. Then I’ll say he’s bad.

Please, allow me to explain:

In last night’s Yankee game, though I didn’t hear anyone mention this or notice it except for me and Mrs. Noy G, both of the Yankees’ first two runs scored on ill-advised wave-homes by Third Base Coach Luis Sojo.

The first run the Yankees scored was on this situation: A-Rod on second, 2 Outs, Sheffield at the plate. Keep in mind, nobody in baseball (maybe baseball history) hits the ball harder than Gary Sheffield. Sheffield buzzed a liner to left, that was hit so hard, that despite the fact that A-Rod was off with contact, Garret Anderson was up and throwing before A-Rod even got to third. That smart play, with Anderson having a decent arm, is hold A-Rod, and give Matsui a chance to get the run home. I know the Yankees weren’t hitting, but Matsui’s no slouch in the clutch. I’d rather give him the chance to get the run home, that have A-Rod thrown out at the plate. Luckily, the throw was off-line, and A-Rod scored. So nobody cared.

The Yanks’ second run was on this situation: Cano on second, Posada on third, one out. Sierra grounds one through the hole, into right field. Now we’re not talking about a “decent” arm, we’re talking about a canon. Perhaps the best outfield arm in baseball. Cano, despite being a moderate hitting second-baseman is not fast. But Sojo sent him. Again, luckily, he scored. Again, I think the decision to test Vladdy’s arm was the wrong one.

I don’t know, but I suspect, that the third run was also Sojo’s doing. With Posada on third, he might have (probably did) yell “GO!” on the ground ball to Figgins. Keep in mind, a good throw nails Posada, who is so slow, the Sixth Avenue Bus from this morning was moving faster. Keep in mind, the only way Posada scores is if Figgins makes a throw that short-hops Molina and is slightly up the first base-line. Any closer, and Posada’s meat.

Like I tell my poker buddies every once in a while: the outcome does not determine the quality of the play. You can make the right play and lose, you can make the wrong play and win. It’s still the wrong play. I think, to continue the Poker metaphor, Sojo sucked out a couple of wins on the river in last night’s game. Any one of those goes the other way, and people are calling for his head this morning.

Again, I’m not saying he’s bad. I’m saying he might end up costing us runs. That’s bad.


2 responses to “He’s Waving Him Home! NO!

  1. I hear you Noyam, especially in the context that Luis has certainly been overagressive at times. I even recall once Joe having to ‘talk’ to him about it.

    Nonetheless, acknowledging that had the gamble gone wrong we would all have been teamless this morning, with the pathetic way the Yankees have thus far hit this series, I think he made the right move. I would venture that had all those runners held up, the Yankess would not have scored at all. If you can’t trust your hitters suddenly, then you have to hope they can run.

    Let’s hope tonite the hitters come around.

  2. He cost them a good 5 games worth of runs this season. Get 1 of those back and we probably win in the Bronx last night.

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