Lunch in the Sukkah?

Here’s my question:

If the mitzvah of Sukkah is learned from “BaSukkot Teishvu Shiv’at Yamim” (You should “sit” in the Sukkah for seven days) from which the gemara extrapolates, “teishvu, ke’ayn taduru,” (“Sitting” means “living”) then why do I need to eat lunch today in a sukkah?

Let me explain the basis for my question. Halachically, I am supposed to move out of my house, and “live” in the sukkah instead. Anything I would normally do in my house, I should be doing in the sukkah, which is why people sleep in the sukkah as well as eat in it. However, regardless of the structure in which I live right now, and where I slept, my “taduru,” my living today would end up at work. And at work, I would order lunch on seamless and eat it at my desk, regardless of where I live.

So why do I need to do any different because it’s Sukkot?


One response to “Lunch in the Sukkah?

  1. My understanding, based on my Rabbi’s Dvar Halacha over Sukkot, is as follows. Indeed, if you take a trip somewhere, not on your usual path, you have no obligation to seek out a sukkah as you are not home. However, your regular commute and workplace do not qualify, b/c this is regular for you. It is part of how you live, thus, the requirement of sukkah.

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