Early Favorite to win the AL East in 2006

The Baltimore Orioles.

This move will reverberate, mark my words.

It’s a damn shame (“what they did to that dog”) that the Yanks couldn’t convince Mazzone to come be their pitching coach. More than anyone else on any other staff in baseball, and possibly any other sport, imho, Leo Mazzone gets results. It is my opinion that he, more than anyone (even though Bobby Cox was recently lauded as the best manager in baseball), is responsible for the Braves’ success. Every year, he takes a marginal pitching staff, and coaxes division winning performances out of them. I predict Atlanta doesn’t win the NL East next year without him.

Now he’s going to Baltimore, where there is talent and youth on the pitching staff, particularly in the starting rotation. He’ll make them better. A lot better. And they have (or will have after this offseason) enough offense to carry them.

The Yankees and Red Sox will have to scramble to keep up. The Yankees will throw ridiculous money at players who don’t suit their needs and won’t make them better (eg: Johnny Damon), and the Red Sox will maybe make a move or two that won’t be enough. The Orioles are going to be dangerous.

If Sam Perlozzo is the reason that Mazzone went to Baltimore, then firing Lee Mazilli and promoting Perlozzo was the best move the Orioles could have made.


2 responses to “Early Favorite to win the AL East in 2006

  1. Your argument makes sense. So I don’t know if its irrational Yankee fanism (a new word? sounds really close to fanaticism), that makes me want to say your wrong.
    In the cycle of things, the Yankees had their heyday late 90’s and should be headed back to the basement. Are the Yankees really better than that or is it just Steinbrenner money that holds off the inevitable? And, if its the latter, are the Yankees at the bottom now, and thus headed back up in the coming years?

  2. I hope you are right.

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