Today’s Noy G Hero

He may be remembered as the perpetrator of perhaps the greatest choke job in sports history (notwithstanding any Yankees of recent vintage), or more likely not remembered at all, but Today’s Hero of the Day at The Noy G Show is Jean Van De Velde.

French golfer Jean Van de Velde will attempt to enter next year’s Women’s British Open because he is upset women may qualify for the 2006 British Open. (See Here)

This is exactly what I was talking about. His logic is just like mine. “My whole point is where do we draw the line? If we accept that women can enter our tournaments, then it applies that men can play with women.” And what, pray tell, is wrong with that logic? That seems incredibly fair to me.

If, for the sake of argument, we assume that Annika Sorrenstam can qualify, and finish better than 30 of the 60 men in the field, and finish right in the middle, well, then, wouldn’t she beat any of those 30 men if they were in a field of 60 women? So what’s the problem? What are women afraid of? If the problem is that allowing men to play on the women’s tour will result in another tour of mostly men, with only a few extraordinary women who can beat them, which is the case now with the men’s tour, then fine, keep the women and the men separated! Why is it OK for a woman to take a man’s spot in the Mens’ Open field, but not OK for a man to take a woman’s spot in the field at the Ladies’ Open? If you can satisfactorily address this issue and answer this question, then I might be willing to listen to your argument. Until then, you don’t have a leg to stand on. (And don’t make the disingenuous “what are the guys afraid of” argument about letting women play with the men. It’s a stupid argument. Because they aren’t afraid of anything, and letting women play with men is not what we’re talking about. It’s men playing with the women. So riddle me this, what are the women afraid of?”)

I’m really not going to get into the entirety of my argument all over again, but let’s just say that the reaction to Van De Velde’s statement as outrageous, idiotic and sexist is, of course, wrong. The man is a genius.

And he’s funny, too! “‘I’ll even wear a kilt and shave my legs,’ said Van de Velde.


8 responses to “Today’s Noy G Hero

  1. A lightweight boxer is allowed to try to fight in a heavier weight class, but the heavyweight boxer is not allowed to fight in the lighter weight class.

  2. I honestly don’t understand your argument at all. Men are, on average, better athletes than women. Most men are better than most women at basketball. Does that mean that I could beat a WNBA player in a one-on-one? No. It’s all a spectrum, with the men’s scale on a higher level than the women’s scale, but with some overlap. The PGA tour is the highest level of golf around, not just a tour for men. If women can fit into that category, so be it. The same is not true for the LPGA tour – it was created solely because women are not as strong as men (on the whole), and therefore cannot be expected to compete on the same level as the PGA. It is conceding the fact that it is not the highest level of the sport, but only the highest level for women โ€“ which is acknowledges is less than men. Expecting that men should be able to compete is backwards. Itโ€™s like saying that heavyweight fighters should be able to fight in lower weight classes, or that 13-year olds should be able to play in an under-12 league, just because kids who are 11-years old can play in the under-14 league.

  3. (continued from above): …or that healthy men and women should be able to compete in the Special Olympics, because surely if a handicapped competitor entered the regular Olympics, and he could hold his own, he would be allowed to compete. So what are the handicapped people so afraid of?

  4. I think Jean Van De Velde, your classic backwards French asshole, should also be allowed to play on the seniors tour.

  5. Noam,

    One thing you must admit is that Adam’s “So, what are the handicapped people so afraid of?” line was laugh out loud funny.


  6. Adam:

    According to your logic, should not at least the one poor schmo who loses his spot at the Men’s British Open be able to enter the Women’s British Open? After all, this guy no longer qualifies for the “top circuit”, so he should be able to participate one rung below…

  7. Moishe: No, I don’t. The LPGA is NOT the “rung below.” It’s not the minor leagues. It’s the major leagues for women. The logic does not flow both ways. The women’s tour was made because women are not as physically strong as men. Therefore, given that men are, on the whole, better players than women, if a woman plays her way onto the men’s tour, so be it. That logic does not work in reverse. Men have an inherent advantage over women. If a woman can overcome the advantage, give her credit and let her play. But don’t let the mediocre man use his inherent competitive advantage to play with the women… that’s outside the nature of competitive sports, where everyone is supposedly on an even playing field.

    (But if you choose to play with the playing field unfairly tilted against you, and you are good enough to overcome that, more power to you.)

    The man who loses his spot isn’t losing it to a woman; he is losing it to a better golfer.

  8. Don’t start this again…then that broad is gonna come back on here and start yapping again about equal rights… who needs that…

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