Make This Deal?

Barry Zito is apparently available*. The A’s need a right-handed slugger. The Yankees are infatuated with Brian Giles.

So, if you’re the Yankees, do you: Trade Sheffield for Zito? I would. In a heartbeat. You can even sign Giles to play RF, if you really want.

* From’s Rumor Central

Nov 29 – The signing of free-agent starter Esteban Loaiza could spell the end of Barry Zito’s days in an A’s uniform, given the team’s need for a right-handed slugger, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. But GM Billy Beane cautioned reporters not to jump to conclusions. “I wouldn’t necessarily read into it that it’s a precursor to anything coming down the pike,” Beane told the newspaper. Zito will be a free agent after next season.


3 responses to “Make This Deal?

  1. NO HE’S OURS!!!

    –A’s Fan

  2. Tough call… I’d hate to give up Sheff… How old is Zito? he;s only like 29 or something, right? Might have to do that if it came up.

  3. Actually, Zito’s 27.

    Sheff’s a FA after this year, and he’ll be 38 when the contract is up.

    I’m not saying, don’t only wait for this deal, I’m saying Cashman should be on the phone right now with Billy Beane.

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