People for Egotistical Total Absurdity

I hate PETA. I hate them so much. This entire group (though I’m sure there are some normal members, the leadership speaks for the group, and the leadership is messed up) is the poster child for annoying liberals that want to force their beliefs on everyone else.

Personally, I think treating animals properly is an admirable quality. (I think treating them “humanely” is retarded, since they’re not human.) The Torah has quite a few lessons on treating animals in a respectful way; for example: “V’natati eisev b’sadcha l’vehemtecha, v’achalta v’savaata” – “And I will give grass in your fields for your cattle and you will eat and you will be satisfied.” Mefarshim point out this means that one should be careful that his animals eat before he does, given the ordering in the sentence. (I think if you read it straight, you can see it as a blessing that God will feed your animals so that you can eat. Them. Mmmmm, steak.)

But that’s not the point. I would never throw red paint on someone’s fur coat. Sure, I think Fur coats are a tremendous waste of money. Of course you can buy coats that will keep you just as warm. I agree that the way the fur is taken from animal can’t be enjoyable for the animal. But that doesn’t mean that the person who decided to buy the fur coat, and wear it, is any worse of a person than I am, and deserves any sort of judgment or scorn from me (or anyone else).

But PETA thinks it’s not only OK, but admirable, that they are constantly in everyone’s face about what they think is important. I don’t see the people of PETA protesting genocide in Africa. Are some lousy fish more important than actual human beings? Ridiculous.

Even worse are their methods. Read this transcript of an interview done by Tucker Carlson and PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich. And look at the “comic” they talk about. It’s ridiculous. And this idiot thinks he’s right. (I don’t always agree with Carlson, in fact I rarely do. But on this, I’m with him.) And Friedrich defends his position vigorously, not once conceding that perhaps this ad campaign targeting children is inappropriate. Aside from the fact that it’s scary (which TC mentions), that is makes children think their parents are going to kill their family pets (which is not only ridiculous and assinine, but offensive, which TC mentions), Friedrich constantly defends it by saying that it was tested on focus groups of children, and they all loved it. Which might be the worst argument, ever, in defense of the absurd. Of course children like it. That doesn’t make it appropriate for children. Show Children an “R” rated horror movie, or Die Hard or Rambo, and they’d like it to, but nobody would argue that those are appropriate for children. Children will especially like something if they think they shouldn’t be seeing or hearing it. Because they’re children. That’s why parents and adults have to act as screeners. But PETA is more interested in some fish lips than the mental health of America’s human children.

That’s why they’re so annoying and dumb. And it makes it all the more infuriating when they shove their BS agenda on everyone else, and act so high and mighty about it.


One response to “People for Egotistical Total Absurdity

  1. Someone should stick a hook through Bruce Friedrich’s mouth and drag HIM behind the family car.

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