Thin Market?

The Yankees have a glaring need: a centerfielder. They’ve had this need for over a year now. They ignored it last winter, and let Carlos Beltran get away. They seem to be ignoring it this winter, to my chagrin.

Maybe it’s because Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter and Mike Cameron (who really shouldn’t be in the same sentence as the other two) are all due for free agency next winter. Maybe it’s because the market for a CF is thin, with few options available.

But consider this: would you wait a year for a high priced superstar in free agency, or make a move for a guy with “Tremendous Upside Potential” that would come on the cheap?

I vote for the latter. And in that spirit, and in the continuing series of “Guys Noy G Would Rather Have in Centerfield,” I present:

Corey Patterson

Now that the Cubs have traded for Juan Pierre, (who incidentally, without a specific post, would have appeared on this list for his speed alone, which, after reading some of the other things he doesn’t do as well, good thing he’s not a Yankee. His arm is on the Johnny Damon/Bernie Williams level…not what we want) Patterson is available. Patterson has good speed, can bunt for a base hit (which means he can bunt, yay!) and has a live bat, with power to all fields. He also plays a good Centerfield, just a notch below Jones and Hunter, and has a strong, accurate arm.

If the Cubs are looking to move him, the Yankees should be making calls. And you already know how I feel about Chien-Ming as trade bait (but not Cano, though, not for a guy who hit .215 last year).


4 responses to “Thin Market?

  1. any thoughts on the Mets’ offseason moves?

  2. I’m curious to hear your perspective on the recent story that said that the yankees lost up to $85 million last year.

  3. Re: the Yankees losing up to $85MM: It’s misleading, because it only refers to the team, which had record attendance, but also record payroll. It doesn’t count the immense revenue from the YES Network. So I don’t feel bad from Steinbrenner. However, even if the accounting is accurate and truthful, I don’t think it should get them off the hook for Revenue sharing, which, by name is not Profit Sharing. Of course, it’s the revenue sharing that cost the Yankees all that money, so maybe it’s is a little unfair to penalize the Yankees for operating their payroll at close to their expenses. All teams should do that.

    Re: the Mets’ moves: I think they gave too much up for Delgado and paid too much for Wagner, but that was the market. That said, adding Wagner and Delgado makes the team immensely better. Nady was a mistake, especially with Victor Diaz earning the shot, and being essentially the same player. They could have gotten a lot more for Cameron, especially in this CF market. Trading Benson is a great move, he never lived up to it, and couldn’t even get his ERA under 4 pitching in Shea. And his wife is a pain in the ass, and pictures are always available online. If they use the money saved on Benson to make a run at Vazquez (who can do well at Shea) or Zito (who can be awesome at Shea and in the NL) then they’re automatically contenders. Pedro/Zito 1-2 in the rotation? That’s great stuff. And if they get Manny, then they’ll be an extremely dangerous team.

  4. I really hope Andruw doesn’t sign with the Yankees after this season.. that would suck!

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