The Real Victims of the Strike

I don’t mean the TWU, and I don’t mean commuters. Both groups just like to bitch and moan*.

I mean the people that earn their livelihood from commuters.

For instace: the newsstands in the subway stations, the shoe-shine stands, the breakfast/coffee stands in the subways, the publishers of Metro and AM New York.

There are countless people (except maybe the publishers, rich fat-cats) who live day-to-day, depending on people riding the subway to stop in and consume, whether its coffee and bagel, a newspaper or a shoe-shine.

These people should get together and file suit against the TWU and Roger Toussaint for damages. These are the people that should get the money from the $1million/day fine levied on the Union.

* – Oh, it took you an extra hour to get to work? Shut-up, lazy ass, it’s not like you get anything done between 9 and 10 anyway, except drink coffee and surf the internet.

And as for the TWU, I’ve come around. I hate them now. Why? Because of their demands. Their raise demands seem bad, because of how much they make. But that’s fine. They are due cost of living adjustments and inflation adjustments. It’s the other things that they’re fighting that are just plain greedy. They’re fighting the pension age going from 55 to 62. What?! You’re striking to keep the right to retire at 55? Are you out of your f-ing mind? And they’re fighting having to make 2% contributions to the employee health plan. Like every other worker does in every other industry in the world. Suck it up, I contribute 15%. AND, these are for new hires only, not current workers. For that?!? Get your lazy asses back to work!


One response to “The Real Victims of the Strike

  1. There is a reason that it is illegal for them to strike. If they stay out for the week, it will cost the city’s economy – not the city itself, but the economy – up to half a billion dollars. You know who is paying that? Small businesses.

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