Damn, here it comes…

I haven’t posted in a week. And even though I promised I wouldn’t, I have to bust out the “I’ve been crazy busy at work” excuse. The thing is, I’ve been busy at home, too.

And, evidently, some of my ideas/comments are making my family nervous.

Relax everyone. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: there is nothing wrong with having questions, as long as those questions lead to honest introspection. Nothing I’ve posted on this blog has affected my performance of mitzvot in any way. If the questions make you uncomfortable, then good. They are supposed to. We aren’t supposed to comfortable or complacent. We should actively endeavor to seek answers. That’s all I’m after.

In the interim, please read this very interesting article by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm.


2 responses to “Damn, here it comes…

  1. Thank you for clarifying, because, I have to tell you, I was very nervous about your performance of mitzvot.

  2. hey, the orthodoxy says you’re modern orthodox, sounds good to me

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