Why the Blogging Has Been Slow

I was thinking this morning on the way into work, as I scanned for any sort of absurd behavior to blog about, that I haven’t had much to blog about lately. And I tried to think about why. I came up with several explanations. They are not meant to stand alone, but rather be taken together, as a “totality of circumstances.”

First of all, this blog is not anonymous. Many, many people know who I am, and I don’t try to hide my identity, save for posting personally identifying info that someone unscrupulous might stumble on and make use of (that’s just safe internetting). I learned pretty early on, that people don’t take well when they are (or perceieve themselves to be) the subject of one of my rants. Yeah, I admit, maybe it shows a little lack of “intestinal fortitude” for me to avoid ranting about people that might read the blog, for fear of offending, but I do have other people in my life that I have to think about, and how my actions affect their relationships with people. Maybe I don’t mind if I piss off everyone and his brother (except my brother…he’d kick my ass while doing a Rubik’s cube one-handed behind his back), but my wife has to have some friends too. And if her friends’ husbands think I’m a vile excuse for a person, and want nothing to do with me, well, that might affect her relationship with the wife, and would seriously cut down on our Shabbos invitations. So, I try to be careful there.

Second, I have been busy lately at work. Which isn’t to say I haven’t had any free time, because I have. I just enjoy spending my free time reading blogs instead of writing them. In fact, this deserves it’s own space.

Third: I’ve found a number of very interesting blogs that I like to read on a general basis. Among them are DovBear, OrthoMom, Opionionistas and others, not to mention old blog favorites of friends of mine, EDS and Nina. Many of these erudite and excellent writers say a lot of the things that I think or would say, and they likely say it better than I could. So why repeat them? I don’t want my blog to become just a compendium of links to other people’s words. I want it to be my original thoughts. So, very often, I find myself thinking, “well, this topic’s been covered.” So I don’t blog about it. And I spend my blog time reading instead of writing.

Fourth: I’ve settled into a routine. Home, travel, work, travel, home. Very little changes. It’s only the times that things happen differently that makes it interesting. But, again, because this isn’t anonymous, and I’m not looking to be another Anonymous Lawyer or Opionionista. So I’m rarely going to blog about some of the things that happen at work. What’s left? Not much, unless you want to hear about the gruesome accident I passed yesterday on the LIE? And I don’t really want to write about that.

Finally, there are several other things that are going on in my life. But those are things I want to share with my friends personally, and not in an open forum. Some things, maybe, you just keep to yourself (ahem, Nina).

Maybe I’ve lost some creative mojo? Maybe work is killing my creative writing instinct? Maybe I’m just not as bored as I was in law school? I really don’t know.

Anyway, this is not intended as a long winded way of saying I’m shutting it down. Just my way of explaining why things haven’t been as prolific.

But hey, the Winter Olympic are coming, then the World Baseball Classic and then Baseball season. And I know there are some readers who don’t really care about the sports posts. But I do. So I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading, and keep coming. If I muster up the oomph, maybe I’ll post something about impeaching President Bush.


One response to “Why the Blogging Has Been Slow

  1. i don’t hide anything from my audience…

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