Ever get the feeling that your day is just going to be a bad one?

Whatever your signs are, you just see them. On a morning that you have to wake up early and hurry into work, you wake up to a dark room, because there’s no sun. So it’s just that much harder to get up and out of bed. And it’s pouring. And you know your commute will suck. And you know, because you checked your blackberry, that there’s a bunch of crap for you to do, waiting in the office, that needs attention before your 9:45 (“on the nose, boys, we don’t have time to waste”) meeting. That’s why you were supposed to be getting up early and getting into work early.

Then, and everyone’s signs are gonna be different, your stomach is maybe bothering you a little, giving hints that sometime today, at work, there’s gonna be a rumble. And then you get to the subway, and there’s no Metro. And the train is crowded. And wet (remember, it’s pouring. You’ve got to remember that, it’s going to come into play again). And then, maybe, you might just be waiting to cross the street, when a nice, polite SUV comes storming through the yellow light as you’re preparing to cross the street, hitting the sweet spot of a puddle, and sending it right into you. (Screw anonymity, if I knew the driver of that silver BMW X5, I’d embarass his ass all over this blog.) And maybe, I dunno, you didn’t see it coming. And maybe, just maybe, your mouth was open just a little.

Like I said, sometimes you just get the feeling that today is going to be a bad day.


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