Special Day

Today is a very special day.

Any guesses? Leave a comment.

Answer to come.

Update: It seems today is special for more than one reason.

Answer: One year ago, today, on the sixth anniversary of the Wedding of Rob and Tova, I started my career as a blogger. Today is Rob’s seventh anniversary and my first Blog-iversary.


6 responses to “Special Day

  1. Well, are you wearing green????

  2. Actually, I think I got it:

    Reb Mendel M’Riminov said that saying Parshas Ha’monn (Shneyim Mikroh V’Echod Targum) on Tuesday Parshas B’Shalach, is a Segulah for Parnasah.


    “Tell him what he’s won, Noy G!”

  3. Interesting. I’m not what wearing green means, and I’m certainly a fan of parnassah, but…


    Anyone else?

  4. My anniversary! Thanks for remembering.


  5. Sir Thomas More’s birthday?

    Didn’t realize you cared…

  6. Mazal Tov!! Do you want to join me and Tova for dinner?

    In my search for today’s significance I came up with the following events that occured on today’s date in history:

    1949 – Joe DiMaggio becomes 1st $100,000/year baseball player

    1974 Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” opens in movie theaters

    1979 Josef Mengele concentration camp doctor, drowns (may his neshoma have a further Yerida – may he continue to rot in hell)

    1969 Al-Fatah-leader Yasser Arafat becomes president of PLO (see Mengele’s paranthetical above)


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