This Blog Sucks

I come here every day to read interesting posts. Sometimes it’s funny, more often slef-indulgent, and every once in a while, I can make serious fun of the idiot blogger. Where the hell’s it been? It’s been like, 3 weeks since there was a real, substantive post? I’m not gonna keep coming here every day (and this, after I spent hours to get caught up on the archives, no less) for nothing. Write something, you lazy ass!

(Every once in a while, I like to imagine myself a commenter. This, clearly, is the only comment I deserve at this time, notwithstanding the new post below. Apologies.)

Anyway, it’s time for that time of year known by a copyrighted term about craziness during the third month of the year.

And it’s time for the Noy G Group on Tournament Challenge.

Go here, create your entry and then join the group. The group name is The Noy G Show and the entry password is blogger. The more people we get, the more fun it will be. It will take you all of 5 minutes to put together the entry, there’s no financial obligation, and you’ll be filling out a bracket anyway, so just plug something in. And you call me lazy? I haven’t been blogging in weeks, and I can find the time for this!


Join the Group!


2 responses to “This Blog Sucks

  1. I’m not sure if I should pick Penn to go to the championship game or just the final four.

  2. You mean your fanaticism falls short of assuring a championship victory? I’m disappointed.

    By the way, everyone, feel free to invite your friends, post the link and info on your own blog, tell a family member..AND FILL OUT A BRACKET, regardless of how little you think you know about college basketball.

    Don’t be that one guy that’s no fun.

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