Button 4

Two gentlemen were riding the train, when a young man entered their berth. After a short while, the first man says to the second, “43,” and they both start hysterically laughing. The young man has a look on his face that can only be described as “huh?” Moments later, the second says to the first “12,” and again, they are laughing hysterically.

Finally, after a few minutes of this, the young man asks the two older men, “what’s the meaning of those numbers?” So the first explains, “my friend and I have been best friends for so long, we kept telling each other the same jokes, so we decided to just number them, and save the time of telling them, instead just going by the numbers.”

The young man understands, and after a few minutes, interjects into the laughing, “28.” The gentlemen don’t laugh, they just look at him crossly. “What?” he says. To which the men respond, “you told it wrong.”

V’Hamayvin Yavin.


One response to “Button 4

  1. Is this about my “Febtober” joke?

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