Research Sucks

In what can only be described as BAD NEWS, with BAD TIMING, this is today’s headline:

BBQ Linked with Cancer

Are you kidding me?!?!

Right in time for baseball season, summer and every other reason to Bar-be-Que (you know, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) this is what they come up with?

Oh, man.

I mean, how serious is this? Is this, “being alive is carcinogenic, everything will give you cancer” eh-level? Or “never eat BBQ again” level?


One response to “Research Sucks

  1. Sucks to be a rat!! I’ve never seen a group of rats tailgating (although I once went to a Giant/Jet game and did see some guys in green uniforms BBQing if that counts).

    Seriously, I hope this study has some serious flaws b/c I love BBQed meat and I like it well done. This better be some cruel April Fools joke by some vegetarian group or a ploy by those PETA freaks.


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