Sorry, Sniffles!

John Tierney has an interesting op-ed in today’s Times.

His point is slightly more big picture than mine. Mine is:

“What a friggin pain in the ass!”

If you know me, you know that when I have a cold, over-the-counter drugs with pseudoephedrine are my life-line. I sleep with NyQuil, get up with DayQuil and pop Sudafed at work. I love the stuff. (The fact that it speeds up my heart rate and makes it like I’m exercising while I’m sitting, therefore losing weight by doing nothing is fringe benefit.)

The truth is, I agree with Tierney. This is ridiculous. Drug enforcement agents have admitted that making pseudoephedrine unavailable will just push meth makers to more expensive and more dangerous drugs. It won’t put them out of business. So what does this accomplish? It only inconveniences regular, law-abiding cold-sufferers like me. Just because some druggies use sudafed to make meth.

This is ridiculous already. The government just continues to extend its reach over our normal lives, and it continues to use the offensive and power-abusive Patriot Act to do it. The Patriot Act will continue to be the basis for eroding our freedoms (ironically). That will be President Bush’s legacy: eroding the freedom of the American people.


5 responses to “Sorry, Sniffles!

  1. Stick to baseball and heresy.

  2. Adam, I disagree with you wholeheartedly!

    I think he should stick to Matzah Brei.


    I don’t know more than the casual newspaper reader about the Patriot Act but I can tell you with certainty that it has had no negative impact on my everyday life. Noone is listening to my phone calls and if they are they would not be too enthralled. If and when the Patriot Act gets too invasive, congress will not renew it – it’s as simple as that. Until then, let them listen to the conversations of potential bad guys. When they open internment camps I’ll start to worry.


  3. Bush erodes freedoms? Whose? If you mean ours, I would want freedom from another 9/11. That is the first purpose of a government – protect the citizens. I would warrant that you never actually read the Patriot Act, but rather parrot the NYT. Either way, it would not be Bush’s legacy (although it would be a nice one) as the original measure and extension had overwhelming approval from both houses of congress (ignore the rhetoric, note the actual votes). If the world’s, then speak to Afghanis, Iraqis and others not being systematically slaughtered, raped and otherwise subjugated. I read with mirth the testimonials of countless Democrats to Ronald Reagan upon his passing; the same people who warned about what his legacy [insert any evil ever known to man-kind] would be during his presidency. Write about GW in a few years from now…

  4. Maybe Bush should have responded to the warnings in his daily intelligence briefings instead of taking a vacation.

  5. Maybe Jim and Noyam should get married and move to France!


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