Whatever I Choose to Eat, It’s None of Your Business

I respect that different people have different values. I think it’s great, I think it’s truly American.

But, I hate it, absolutely HATE IT, when people think they are so absolutely right as to force their beliefs down the throats (or, block that same action, as it were) of others.

The latest example? Chicago Bans Foie Gras

Pressured by animal rights groups who feel that the force-feeding of geese to fatten their livers so that humans can consume foie gras is “inhumane” (Adam: “Who cares if we treat animals humanely? They’re not human.”), the Chicago City Council has decided to make it illegal to serve foie gras in the Windy City.

This is sickening. If you think it’s wrong, don’t do it. I am not compelling anyone to eat foie gras (except maybe some cannibal geese). So why interfere with my right and liberty to do so? This is freedom? How can something like this be American?

I applaud your principles. In fact, a part of me agrees. I think it’s very gross to force feed the animals just to make them fat. The same way I think it’s gross to chain up little calves to soften their never-used muscles so that I can have veal. I applaud the courage of your convictions, which I lack (Veal is too good. I’ve never had foie gras, but the way they use it on Iron Chef, it looks good.) But you have NO RIGHT to make something I like doing illegal, as long as what I like doing doesn’t harm society and isn’t part of the social contract. (Don’t go arguing that fatty geese harm society and that if geese had hands they’d sign the social contract.)

I’m gonna go into all the arguments against Vegetarianism (ie “if we weren’t supposed to eat animals, why were they made out of meat?” Which is tongue-in-cheek, but makes a good point: If you think eating meat is wrong, go protest in the Safari next time you see a lion tear into fresh Zebra. What’s that? Thought not, coward.) But think about what you’re doing in the context of another right you crazy moonbats so wonderfully clamor for: Gay marriage.

The argument has been made that as long as nobody’s going to force me to marry a gay man, I don’t care what they do in the their own private lives. Why block Gays and Lesbians from having the right to do what they want, just because someone else believes it’s wrong? That seems downright un-American, right?

Well, if you agree with that (chances are, if you don’t agree with that, you also don’t agree with the crazy vegans), then be intellectually honest. I won’t interfere with your right to marry another man (which arguably may or may not harm society, depending who you ask), kal v’chomer you don’t interfere with my right to veal chops and foie gras (which is innocuous)!

You have every right to do and eat what you want. Why can’t I enjoy that same right?


3 responses to “Whatever I Choose to Eat, It’s None of Your Business

  1. I think we can all agree that it should be illegal to force-feed gay guys to fatten them up.


  2. This is what happens when local elected officials have nothing valuable to accomplish but need to find something to keep their names in the news. At least in NYC it was something stupid, as in requiring all new buildings to have a 2:1 ratio for womens/mens rooms.

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