Why Does Randy Jackson Hate Katharine McPhee?

I don’t know, but he definitely does.

If you ever needed any more evidence that he clearly has it in for her, and will find something negative to say even if her performance is great, look at this past week’s show. Randy panned her performance, falling back on his one and only favorite criticism (a/k/a what he says when he can’t really think of another negative thing to say) blasting her “song choice.” But she didn’t choose the song. She was singing the song that Clive Davis, the supposed master, chose for her. How can Randy possibly blast her for a song she didn’t choose?! Well, it’s easy if you’re full of crap. He couldn’t rightly say that she was off-key, because she wasn’t. (“You had a few pitch problems in there”….uh-huh, where?), so he needed something. And on her third song, when specifically followed the instructions to pick something odler, so as not to be compared to contemporary artists, well, Randy still bashed her, and told her she couldn’t measure up to “Ella.” Come on, Randy. Every song out there was originally sung by some famous artist. The entire show is essentially glorified karaoke. You can always compare the American Idol version to the original, and usually not favorably, unless the person changes it, which isn’t easy to do. The point is that Katharine showed that she is the best singer out there, with the best vocal range and ability. But he still bashed her, even with some stupid BS. Why? Because he wanted to see Elliot and Taylor make the finals, and he was trying to influence the vote. Luckily, Katharine called BS on him, saying “I didn’t choose it!” Good for her. Don’t take the judges’ BS lying down. I think she knows that Randy and Paula have it in for her, (because Paula has no capacity for independent thought. She’s basically there to say whatever Randy says, except drunk and in a female voice) and she’s not gonna let them steamroll her to push their favorites into the finals. Luckily for her, she won Simon over a few weeks ago, and really, America only listens to Simon.

Some other notes on that show: Elliot can thank Paula for getting booted. Simon and Randy chose songs for their Judge’s choice that were showstoppers. Elliot could have sang the song that Taylor did, and he would have sounded better. But Paula chose some bad song that didn’t give Elliot a chance to sing, even though he may be a better singer than Taylor (though Taylor is clearly the better showman, even though he’s a spaz, and looks like he’s having a seizure.) Simon picked the perfect song for Katharine, and it got her to the finals.

But if you don’t think Randy and Paula will be fawning all over Taylor and kicking the proverbial crap out of Katharine, despite any vocal reality, you’re crazy.

Which brings me to final point: I think it’s reprehensible that the judges clearly have favorites, and they push them, despite what they do. That Paula had become emotionally attached to Chris, certain that he was her favorite and almost rooting for him to win, to the point that she cried when he was eliminated is terrible. The judges shouldn’t have a rooting interest. I think it’s bad when the fans vote based on favorites and not based on performances, but that’s OK. America’s voting can be cumulative, and I think we can forgive one bad performance based on a body of evidence. But the judges are there to judge the individual performances, not the body of work. There should be no rooting interest, there should be no emotional attachment. Clearly, Randy and Paula have chosen their favorites. I don’t get that feeling from Simon. I mean, I don’t think he’s squeaky clean, and he’s done his share of pushing, but he’ll say good things about everyone if they deserve it and he’ll say bad things about everyone if they deserve it favorite or not. Randay and Paula don’t. If they like someone, they will never criticize them, to the point of inventing good things to say about terrible performances. And if someone outperforms their favorite, then that person gets the BS bashing that they don’t deserve either. (See the first paragraph.) And I hate Randy for it.


2 responses to “Why Does Randy Jackson Hate Katharine McPhee?

  1. Noam,

    I think you’re giving Kat waaay too much credit and placing the blame on everyone except her. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see her win too, because:
    a) She has the best voice among the top 12 contestants
    b) I absolutely HATE Taylor

    Granted, Randy can appear biased at times and he definitely hasn’t been Kat’s biggest fan – if I had to guess who he wanted to see win the competition I’d have gone with Elliot. Paula definitely wanted Elliot (I know she cried when Chris got booted, but she cries every week after Elliot performs), and Simon probably wanted Chris, because Chris was the only one with a shot at a successful album.

    But Taylor’s had this competition from the beginning if you look at the stats on dialidol.com – and supposedly the americanidol.com message boards are loaded with soul patrol freaks.

    Anyway, while Kat has the best voice, she just doesn’t have that bang! performance each week. And in a week where they sing multiple songs she tends to have a pretty good one and a pretty horrible one. Her high notes are beautiful, but her low notes leave much to be desired – she just has trouble hitting them, which means her range isn’t all that great. Yet, I still think she can go on to a mildly successful career (maybe on Broadway or something). She won’t ever become a Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, or Carrie Underwood, but I suppose she has a shot at a better career than Diana Degarmo, Ruben Studdard, and maybe even Fantasia Barrino.

    Just to show you how much I, and others hate Taylor, here’s something I found online (source unknown):

    “DISCLAIMER: Taylor is very talented. If you shut your eyes, he’s got a really good (okay, great) voice for singing soulful bluesey type stuff. He has a strong fan base and people genuinely enjoy watching him “dance” onstage while he is singing. He’s got stage charisma.

    But I hate him.

    The depth of my hatred for Taylor is deeper than the Marianas Trench, which is 35,798 feet deep. My hatred for Taylor soars to heights in excess of the height of Mount Everest, which is 29,028 feet high. If my hatred for Taylor could be measured as a unit of speed, it would be faster than the speed of light, which is 186,282 and 39937/100584 miles per second. If you are more comfortable envisioning my hatred for Taylor as a function of mineral hardness, then my hatred for Taylor is harder than diamond, which has an absolute hardness value of between 167 and 231 gigapascals.

    Roget’s Thesaurus suggests the following words (among others) as synonyms for hatred: dislike, detestation, abhorrence, aversion, antipathy, repugnance, loathing, abomination, odium, enmity, animosity, and contempt. Regrettably, these words alone do not adequately describe my all-consuming hatred for Taylor. There are thousands of human languages, and none of them usefully express the extent of my hatred for Taylor.

    Let me assure you all that my hatred for Taylor is nothing personal. I’m sure that Mr. Hicks is probably a very fine young(ish) man. What I hate about Taylor is the essential “Taylorishness” of him. The Essence of Taylor, if you will. The ineffable quality of Being Taylor which causes a surge of revulsion to my very core.

    And I fear – nay, am convinced – that he will win it all.

    ME TOO.

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