I’m Back, Baby!

My guest stint at DovBear is over. It was a fun ride, and I’m honored to have been asked to contribute.

But I’m back here now. Look out, world!


5 responses to “I’m Back, Baby!

  1. I still don’t get it. Who/What is DovBear.

  2. Did you click the link? Did you see it take you to another blog? Was this a hard thing to figure out?

  3. No I figured out that he has a blog, thank you. I’m asking who he is in real life, why he has a larger following, and I guess as an extention to that, why it would be an honor to guest post for his blog. I mean, anyone can start a blog. what makes his so special?

  4. I have no idea who he is real life. His blog is popular simply because he gets a lot of traffic. And I think being asked to step in for another blogger while he is away is an honor.

    I am sure there are many reasons why he has such a large audience, but the fact remains that he does.

    And for a mini-blogger like me (who has an audience of about 10 friends and family members) being asked to post there is big-time.

  5. The Town Crier


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