Rav Seren Ro’i Klein

Stories like his need to be publicized. We need to shout from the hilltops. Our soldiers are heroes. OUR SOLDIERS ARE HEROES!!

Especially Rav Seren (Major) Ro’i Klein.

On July 26th, Major Klein, a commander of the 51st Battlion of IDF’s Golani Brigade, was with his unit in Bint Jbeil, Lebanon. They came under heavy fire, and a grenade was lobbed into their group. Major Klein, without enough time to clear the grenade, instead jumped on it, smothering the blast, sacrificing his life, and saving those of his unit members.

Major Klein, Zichrono L’Vracha, is survived by a wife and two children, who will certainly mourn his death while a grateful nation does the same, as it celebrates his heroism. Major Klein’s love of his country and fellow soldiers overrode any other instinct, even his survival instinct, and for that he deserves the praise and appreciation of all those who serve with him, and all those that sleep under the blanket of protection that his service provides. And his story deserves to be told.


2 responses to “Rav Seren Ro’i Klein

  1. Upon hearing this story, I remember contrasting the “suicide” element on both sides of this war:

    Side A has members willing to blow themselves up if there’s even a slim chance of killing people on Side B.

    Side B has members who are willing to blow themselves up if it will save the lives of other members on its side.

  2. There was also a story of an American born chayal who was in Lebanon and a terroirst threw a grenade towards his group. He picked up the grenade and through it back before it exploded. His dad credited his persistance in teaching his son baseball as a kid despite the fact that the chayal’s Israeli born friends only wanted to play soccer.


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