A Brilliant Plan

Haredi Rabbis Seek ‘Hudna’ with Hamas

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Steinman … have given their blessing to a meeting with Hamas aimed at reaching a hudna (Arabic for cease-fire) that could save Jewish lives.


The proposed hudna would be between Hamas and the Jewish people – not with the state of Israel – to circumvent Hamas’s refusal to recognize the Zionist entity.


The haredi community understands their sensitivities and mentality and feels threatened by the same phenomena.

There’s implicit racism at play here, and it stinks. The Rabbis don’t care if Hamas kills Druze or Christians or even Arabs living in Israel as Israeli citizens. That’s awful. Israelis deserve protection from terror regardless of their religion.

Not to mention that this is a terrible idea. How’s this gonna play out?

Rabbis: Feel free to continue to seek the complete destruction of Israel, just don’t kill Jews while you’re at it, mmm-kay?

Hamas: Uh, ok. So when are you moving out? Do you need help packing? Have you hired movers? I know a guy. Just don’t hire Israeli movers, they’ll rob you blind. And try to leave the place clean. Thanks.

Rabbis: We’re not moving out.

Hamas: Oh. Uh huh. So what is it you want us to do again?

Rabbis: Stop killing us.

Hamas: And, what’s in it for me?

Rabbis: A cease-fire. International acceptance. Peace and love. “We Hate the West” T-Shirts!

Hamas: Riiiiiight.

Hattip: Rob


One response to “A Brilliant Plan

  1. I heard a great point in a speech two weeks ago. I forget the famous Rabbi’s name (real famous I guess), but he was a leader of the real Neturei Karta (not the fakers you got running around today pretending to be pious). He used to host major anti-State of Israel rallies in front of the U.N. and in front of embassies. But the second a non-Jew would join the rally, he would disband and send everyone home.

    He always made the point that this ideology is just a different ideology. It is not supposed to be Jew vs. Jew, rather it is just a disagreement on a fundamental principle of Messianic timeliness and rights to the land. But the second that a non-Jew would join the rally, rally ended. Because he was not there to breed hate towards his fellow Jews and felt that this was not an issue for anyone else to take up, but rather a political and ideological split amongst Jews.

    When the guy was speaking, as always, my blood started to boil at the thought of these anti-semitic Jews. But when he started to make his point and talk about these real Neturei Karta who had and have such a deep disapproval for the State of Israel, but yet such a deep love for their nation, I actually kind of didn’t mind anymore.

    I have no problem with the person who thinks differently than me. You don’t have to agree with everything your country or your people do, but you can never turn your back on them and join with the enemy who seeks to kill them. That is unacceptable.

    Bottomline – F’ those guys, and they know who they are. F’ em.

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