Heating, From the Ground Up

Malcom Gladwell has a post up on his blog about Geothermal Heating and Cooling.

I’d heard about this a few years back, though I wasn’t exactly sure about the science behind it, but I thought it was cool.

Let me just say, that my dream is to one day be able to install a system like this in my home. Couple that with the photo-voltaic cells on the roof, and my house can be self-sufficient, with no utility bills, except water, perhaps even generating a surplus of electricity to send back into the system, and have the electric company pay me! How awesome would that be?


2 responses to “Heating, From the Ground Up

  1. This is really cool. It is something that will never take off for some of the reasons I mentioned in our other Energy Crisis discussions but it is quite interesting and maybe if I’m really really rich one day, I’ll buy a huge house somewhere and try it. One question: If this theory is correct, why are the subway platforms so damn hot in the summer?


  2. If this kind of system is applicable to residential areas and if assumed safe it would be a big help to household budgets. But, how will the power companies react to such a direct threat to their business?

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