Cy Wang

I’m not saying I think he deserves the Cy Young Award, but I do think his name needs to be mentioned in the conversation now, after today’s line:

C Wang (W, 16-5)

If the season were to end right now, he’d be tied for the league lead in wins, 9th in ERA and clearly the most important starting pitcher in the league, almost singlehandedly keeping the Yankees alive (and their bullpen fresh) when no other starter can consistently get the job done.

I feel like one of these days he’s going throw a no-hitter, and nobody will be surprised. There’s only so many times you can throw 2- and 3-hitters in a row before the pieces fall into place.

Nevertheless, I think the award goes to Santana right now, with Halladay closely behind him. Maybe Verlander in the mix ahead of Wang, but not really anyody else.

Of course, a few more outings like today’s and maybe he jumps ahead.

And yes, I know I said before the season that the Yankees should trade him while his value was high, and that I thought his inconsitency would ultimately be a problem, and that he would pitch to an ERA of 4.5, which isn’t so great. I know. I was wrong. However, when I said that I thought he could benefit greatly from learning a breaking or offspeed pitch, I still stand by that. I think if he could throw something that would keep hitter off balance, in addition to a 95-mph fastball and a heavy 92-mph sinker, he could be dominating.

*OK, so the clever title was thought up by someone else. I gotta give him cvedit.


4 responses to “Cy Wang

  1. the guy is awesome. no doubt about it.

  2. Wang is a good pitcher. He may have an occasional bad outing, but which young pitcher doesn’t. And I agree, if he could learn an off speed or breaking pitch, that could be his put away strike out pitch, and he would go from ground outs alone to strikeouts as well.

  3. I’m back! (for now, at least). I’d like to think I was the inspiration for this post…was I?

    Wang’s season might have had to many bumps in it for him to win the Cy Young. (Today, Russo was down on Santana for leaving games early).

    Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. (Gold jacket, green jacket…). Just let our Wang win games in October, and that will be just fine here.

  4. You know what? I nominate Mariano Rivera for Cy Young.

    Thanks to Joel Sherman of the Post for slapping some sense into me. Here’s a quote:

    “He has been so good that, I think, he actually is underappreciated. He has not only been the best closer ever. He has been the best closer ever while employed in the American League and in the Steroid Era. He has been better in the playoffs than the regular season. And he has done this not in Kansas City or Houston, but in New York. He has handled this smorgasbord of pressure impeccably.

    “…Now consider that Rivera is doing this for an 11th straight year, and for an 11th straight year he will not win a Cy Young or MVP, though there is no doubt he is both the Cy Young and MVP of the last 11 years.”


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