Both results were widely seen as disappointments.”

This statement refers to the Bronze-medal result USA Basketball ended up with at the 2004 Olympics and the 2006 World Championships.

And I wonder, was this latest result really a disappointment. After all the troubles USA Basketball has had in international play recently, after the world has shown that (a) International basketball is a very different game than NBA basketball and (b) the rest of the world can play, after all of that, was a Gold Medal really such a foregone conclusion?

Maybe if the expectations weren’t out of whack, maybe if the US built a team suited to international play, they might win.

As it is, I think a Bronze Medal was a good result.


6 responses to “Disappointed?

  1. You can be disappointed at a good but not great result. For example if your team loses in the World Series you are disappointed but the season’s outcome must be considered a good one on a whole (unless you’re a Yankee fan).


  2. That’s wordplay, but I think the implication of “disappintment” in this instance was that they considered them the favorites, and anything short of winning the gold would not have lived up to it.

    Sort of like the Yankees.

  3. I am curious as to what differentiates international play from the NBA. Can you make that a blog post? Furthermore, based on those differences, what kind of team and what kind of practice does team USA need? Perhaps the best of the NCAA? An NCAA all star team so to speak?

  4. Can’t be disappointed with the players. The played hard and played their game. That’s what happens when you bring in a bunch of slashing 35-40% volume scorers… They can get zoned out. I’m disappointed that management hasn’t figured this out yet. I am of the belief that a core of college stars with a couple of mixed in NBA stars would win the gold hands-down.
    If J.J. Reddick is standing outside that arc, that zone is not as effective, end of story. And don’t tell me it’s not that simple, because it is that simple.
    Just because there are less shooters in today’s game doesn’t mean there aren’t any. They’re still there. It’s not like the old days where the shooters were also the stars (Bird, Mullin, Miller, etc…). In today’s game the high-flying athletic slashers are the stars even though they need 30 shots to score 25 points.
    J.J. Reddick, Shane Battier, Lebron, D-Wade and a legitimate big man win that gold.

  5. and by the way,,, Yes, the rest of the world has caught up… but not that much… USA should still not be losing games to teams that have no NBA level talent. It’s an embarrassment to Colangelo (who I believe assembles the team). He needs to do a much better job.

    Get a PG who can shoot and defend, but wont take over (Chauncey Billups???).
    A lights out shooter of a shooting guard off the bench who could be a role player (Reddick).
    A couple of athletic wonders and flat out stars (Lebron and Wade). A legitimate big man (Garnett, Shaq, hell even freakin Eddy Curry, just give us a 7 footer out there with some offensive skill).
    And a couple of hard working, charge-taking bruisers (Battier, Teyshaun Prince?, Ben Wallace?, Charles Oakley???).
    I think it’s really a matter of the right personnel. The talent level here is still loads higher and deeper than anywhere else.

  6. The fact that the US team rarely plays/practices together compared to their international competition is also a huge factor. I honestly believe that fielding the NBA champions of any given year could yield a better result than the typical all-star team that we put together. Whatever the reason, I hope it’s fixed for 2008. In a weird way, the fact that the US did not win the World Championships forces them to play more qualifying tournaments to get into the olympics which may help them to gel before the Olympics.


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