The Flip-Flop Phenomenon

At some point over the past few years, somehow, it became acceptable for women (and men!) to start wearing shower shoes in public. And somehow, this passed for real shoes. Now, and especially during the summer, you won’t see a woman commuting without them.And here’s what I don’t get: why would you specifically want to expose your feet to the nasty that is the ground of NYC? Why would you want to have nothing but a 1/4″ of foam between you and the subway platform? Isn’t that just gross?

For me, flip-flops are unbearably uncomfortable (the thong-toe kind). I can’t stand them. But I get it, most people find them comfortable. But still, when you get home and the tops of your feet are black from pure, vile gross, doesn’t the thought process start considering other alternatives? I mean, sneakers are comfortable also, right?


3 responses to “The Flip-Flop Phenomenon

  1. Couldn’t agree more – love the new format.


  2. Is this a new format? Or is my computer messed up?

  3. Noam – great point. I agree that flip flops are gross. I think the reason people wear them is for temperature control. That’s what makes them more comfortable – your feet can breathe, which is not the case with socks and shoes. After all, it can’t be literal comfort, since they don’t exactly provide great support.

    Another thing I don’t get – crocks (spelling?). They look really wierd, and they don’t appear to the casual observer to be especially comfy – but apparently they are.

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