The 2007 Yankees (So Far)

The Following is a list of the Yankees contractual obligations for 2007 (this list includes assumed raises for Cano and Wang, and a minimum salary for Cabrera; it does not include as yet unexercised options, and it does not include minor league players). We will refer back to this list and how we (read: me) would fill it and manipulate it in the coming months. Now I know what it was like to be a Mets fan for the past 5 years: Fire up the Hot Stove, Baby!


C: Posada* 12
2B: Cano .5
3B: Rodriguez 16
SS: Jeter 20
LF: Matsui 13
CF: Damon 13
RF: Abreu 15
DH: Giambi 21
OF: Cabrera .3


SP: Johnson 16
SP: Wang .5
SP: Pavano 10
CL: Rivera* 10.5
RP: Farnsworth 5.25
RP: Meyers 1.25


Mussina 17
Sheffield 13
Wright 7 (4M Buyout)

Total Obligations (including buyouts, but not options): $158.6M

Source: Cot’s Baseball Contracts; Hattip: MLB Trade Rumors

*Option that became guaranteed based on performance


4 responses to “The 2007 Yankees (So Far)

  1. I’m curious what people think should be done with Wright. Since the buyout is 4 mil, and the option is 7, it only costs the Yanks 3 mil to keep him. But he really can’t pitch more than 5 innings and even then he seems like a 50-50 guy – you never know what you’re going to get.

    I’d get rid of him, if even solely to further the theme of “cleaning house.”

    ps- if you guys get Zito I’ll be really pissed.

  2. Look at it this way, either way, the Yankees have to pay at least 4 mil. Why not offer Wright and that 4 mil to see what you can get back. Certainly, there is some team that would want Wright if they only had to pay him 3 mil, right? Somebody who might part with, say, a decent backup catcher? A middle reliever? A warm body?

  3. Noam, I think it’s a very simple question. On the open market, is Wright worth $3 million? He probably is. Now, is he worth $3 million and a warm body? Probably not if that body is on the young side; but if it’s a journeyman veteran, then I would think it’s very possible. But do you want to risk getting stuck with Wright? Also Noam, keep in mind that you will be taking on the salary of the player you bring back. So in essence you will be paying your backup catcher $4 million plus his own salary. (Of course, the $4 million is lost anyway to the buyout, so I guess you could consider that irrelevant.) I guess if you targeted a specific role player that you wanted, and you could only get him through a trade, maybe this could be the way to get him.

    Dan and Noam both agree that Wright shouldn’t pitch for the Yankees next year. (I think everyone agrees with that.)

  4. (Of course, the $4 million is lost anyway to the buyout, so I guess you could consider that irrelevant.)

    That’s the point. The 4mil is a write-off. Instead of giving it to Wright, give it to another team. Many teams would take Wright at 3mil. In today’s market that’s a bargain salary for a third starter, which Wright could be on a team that needs pitching.

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