Ah, the Raging ’80s!

Dan put this video up to get his Met fan audience lathered up (not that they need any help getting lathered up, what with the girlie soap and body lotion they all use) for tonight’s Game 7 classic, with the worst Game 7 Starter EVER on the mound for them.

Anyway, I thought maybe you’d all get a laugh at the original, from 1986.

(This video is no longer available.) 

For a second there, you almost think the first kid is going to kiss the second, right? I heard those two kids are actually living together now, with their adopted baby from Nepal.

(Do It!)


3 responses to “Ah, the Raging ’80s!

  1. Well, as a Yankee fan, I can honestly say, I am totally psyched for the Mets game tonight.

  2. What the heck was delgado doing on that popup???

  3. Did you see how new and shiny the Home Run Apple looked in that video?

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