Do I Need an English Name?

This isn’t a philosophical discussion of names.

If you know me and my real name, try to imagine having to answer “who may I say is calling” to title companies, surveyors and other law firms from all over the country.

“Excuse me?” “Uh, could you repeat that.” “Gnome, was it?”

Now answer the question.

OK, thought so. I’m taking suggestions in the comments.


7 responses to “Do I Need an English Name?

  1. Your real name isn’t Noyam?

  2. Nomar. 100%.

  3. I have to spell Michael. Calls are being picked up by peopple that aren’t exactly the best educated. So, these days, I don’t think it makes any difference.


  4. Christian (or Chris). Considering your surname, I think it would be hysterical.


  5. I gotta go with Hank, that is sure to catch some attention

  6. This issue was debated between Erica and I when we were naming our first daughter. I wanted to use the Hebrew Name – Talia (or even compromising with Tali). Erica wanted to use Alyssa as an English name. (She won).

    I think it depends on ease of pronunciation. Moishe is a tough one to go with in the secular world.

  7. There was a Moishie at my firm for several years – wasn’t very hard for people to get used to.

    You can always just fall back on Norm.


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