The Onslaught Begins

Two different references for that. Both, imho, ill-advised.

The first (which, by the way, is ill-advised in Adam’s HO, also: “If [Democrats] are smart, they’ll avoid getting involved in the Iraq war.” ): Barack “One Good Speech” Obama has decided that in setting the Democratic Senate Agenda, the first thing up: pulling out of Iraq. Ah, well. Let’s see, what can Congress do to actually effectuate foreign policy? (Settle down, Adam, I know you know the answer. Let’s see if anyone else in the class knows.) That’s right, boychiks and maidels, nothing. Foreign policy is the domain of the President. There really is no reason to get involved like this, other than to flex muscles? And if the Democrats are more interested in flexing muscles instead of governing, then there isn’t going to be much different about the 110th Congress. And that’s shame.

The second isn’t so much ill-advised as aggravating: the lobby of my building at work is already adorned with wreaths and a Christmas tree and lights. Already! It’s not even Thanksgiving! The lite music station already started their “all-Christmas music” format. COME ON! IT’S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING! This stuff starts earlier and earlier.


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