Consolation Prize?

It looks like the Yankees will win the bidding on Kei Igawa for about $25 million.

While we were all paying attention to the Daisuke Matsuzaka bidding, I’ve read very little about Kei Igawa, so I don’t really know whether to like this move.

What I’ve read, however, is interesting, and it’s the same, probably, as what everyone else has read; the below quote:

“I just don’t know,” Wright told Newsday. “I’d have to see him when he’s in midseason form. You send a guy up there after a month layoff and you can’t get a handle on a guy. But as far as a lefty goes, he has a sneaky fastball. I thought he threw, for a lefty, an average to above-average fastball, an above-average changeup, and his slider was a little flat. But with a month off, who knows? Could be any number of reasons.”

What I really like about that comment is that it rings a bell. I was kind of hoping the Yankees would go after Ted Lilly this offseason. Instead, it seems, they went after the Japanese Ted Lilly, who’s three years younger. I’m moderately excited about the move. Considering the Red Sox spend more than double that amount for Matsuzaka, I have no idea how to even calculate whether the bid amount was reasonable. But, like Adam will tell you, when you’re the Yankees, money doesn’t matter.

I also like Wright’s comment for it’s inciseful honesty. When was the last time you heard or saw a ball player directly and completely answer a question that thouroughly? That’s a great answer. He didn’t sugar-coat it. He didn’t bash the guy. He answered with what I can only assume was an honest and complete answer. I liked it.


One response to “Consolation Prize?

  1. I heard some execs speculating that he might not even be a good 5th starter – forget about a solid 3rd! From what they have been saying, I would much rather have a power pitcher like Lilly than an unknown quantity like this dude.

    Bottom line is that this market is just nuts. Who would have thought that Burnett at $10 mln would have turned out to be a steal?

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