I’m interested to know what my readership thinks about this:

Prager: America, Not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on

Some background: Keith Ellison is a Muslim, recently elected to the United States House of Representatives. He wants to take his oath of office on the Koran, instead of the Bible.

Here’s my question: What offends you more, the fact that a Muslim wants to swear on his own holy book, or that idiots like Dennis Prager (and I’m sure many who agree with him) are spewing about how bad that is?

My thoughts: Prager is a complete idiot. Raging the way he does, making the arguments he does, is offensive. It’s offensive to Muslims, it ought to be offensive to Jews and its offensive to the very ideas of Freedom and Liberty this country was based on.

I’ll say it again, this country was not meant to be a “Christian Country” no matter what the majority tries to pull. That’s why we have the First Amendment, to protect the minorities. Ellison doesn’t believe that the Bible (Old or New Testament) is a Holy Book. He probably even thinks that’s its Un-Holy (kind of like R’ Podolsky asking if you’re allowed to read the New Testament in the bathroom…..Burn it! BURN IT!). Why should he be forced to put his hand on it, just because that’s what the majority would do?

The people of Michigan saw fit to have him as their Representative. They found him fit to serve in the House, even though he’s a Muslim. Clearly, his religion should not be an issue.

Finally, this is counter-productive. The intention of having him swear on the bible is that he wouldn’t lie with his hand on something holy. Making him do it on a mundane book means nothing.

hattip: DB


5 responses to “Interested

  1. I think you mean Minnesota. ml

  2. Yes, I did mean Minn. Sorry.

  3. Oh god, are you hattipping dovbear again?

  4. What’s wrong with you? I saw something of interest on another blog, so I gave credit.

  5. I think most conservatives think Prager is wrong on this. A “liberal hawk” message group I’m in seems to have most people against Prager, with 2-3 who disagree (albeit with a couple of fair points).

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