You MUST Read These

The only way to stop things like these from going on is to publicize it. That, and jail time.

An Open Letter to Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon…

Religious Woman Beaten By Chareidi Men On #2 Bus Last Friday

I apologize in advance for the infuriating nature of both of these, but they both need to be publicized and brought to light (the first even more so, as it has been going on for far too long).

I grouped them together because I think they both speak to the future of our religion, and unfortunately in a very negative way.

(*Even if you’ve cracked wise about not linking to DovBear in the past, read this. For my sake, suck it up and read the second post.)


4 responses to “You MUST Read These

  1. The first link is really scary.

    Unfortunately, the second link is too much of a personal account, and who knows what really happened… although even if this particular accusation is fabricated, there are certainly many other cases of bullying by hareidi men.

  2. Child/sexual abuse is a chilul Hashem. But every race, religion, denomination, etc. has people who do bad things. The act of the perpetrator need not define the entire people. The much greater chillul Hashem is the cover-up. Instead of one aberration, who is an exception to the rule, we have an entire group of people – not just members of our religion, but our leaders – who are participating / enabling / ignoring / allowing / not preventing these acts from repeatedly occurring. The perpetrator is a sick individual, who may or may not be biologically predisposed to behave in this way. The other rabbis are protecting their institutions, their power, the “old guard,” or their friends. There is no excuse whatsoever. And, since every community has its sick individuals, the true mark of a community is not to be blemish free (since this is, by nature, impossible), but how the bad acts are dealt with and how the leadership attempts to keep these terrible acts to a minimum. Here, the leadership failed their children by not keeping the acts of pedophilia to a minimum.

  3. Drudge just picked up the second story:

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