What are YOU Doing?

In the comments to this post, Dan gave me a great idea for an interactive reader post:

Since we all know nobody is actually working this week at work, what are you doing? I’ll start:

1. Blogging (not just writing, but Look: three posts in one day!)

2. Learning this week’s layning

3. Playing Settlers of Catan on the web.

Give us your list in the comments. I know Jeremy’s (S, not C) list has “reading about nigerian email scammers” and if you don’t know what that means, you haven’t clicked my links, above (and you’re not reading Dan’s Blog, which is unforgiveable).

“Watching the market recap. Drinking an import.”


5 responses to “What are YOU Doing?

  1. I’m still an unemployed law school grad, so ma nishtana ha’shavua hazeh, but here goes:

    1) Blogging (although not as much as usual due to the impression that fewer people are around to benefit from the fruits of my labor).

    2) Movies Movies Movies – so far I saw “The Queen” (well done), “The Good Sheperd” (a little too long, but still pretty good), “Rocky Balboa” (highly overrated, and the cheesy lines far outweigh the fight scenes), and tonight I’m seeing “Night at the Museum” at an IMAX theatre.

    3) Watching “Dexter,” whose hype I find puzzling.

    4) Spending my first place winnings from my fantasy football pool.

  2. While in the non-profit world, the last week of the year is pretty busy (because of the push for end of tax-year donations) I’ve had plenty of time to do some pondering. One example was this morning when I listened to the song Godzilla, by Blue Oyster Cult and wondered, in a fight to the death who would I rather have in my corner-Godzilla or King Kong?

    I know movies have tried to answer this age-old question but if I saw any of them, I don’t remember who they played out. One the one hand, Godzilla can breathe fire, and he’s got a pretty mean set of teeth.

    However, King Kong has always seemed more feisty, he is probably more agile, and the guy is an imported New Yorker, so my heart might have to be with him. I’ll have to give it some more thought. (Hmm..what about mothra?)

  3. Jer-

    Great Question! I think it depends on where they fought . I think Godzilla would have the advantage in water (he’s probably the better swimmer) but Kong would have the advantage in the jungle (where he could climb and swing on vines muhc better than Gojira).

    Either way, it would be Epic.

  4. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Kong_vs._Godzilla

    “The next morning, Kong meets up with Godzilla and the two begin to fight. Godzilla eventually knocks Kong unconscious but then a thunder storm arrives and revives King Kong, giving him the power of an electric grasp. The two begin to fight, Kong shoving a tree in Godzilla’s mouth, Godzilla lighting it on fire, burning Kong’s hand. The two monsters fight some more, tearing down Atami Castle in the process, and eventually plunge into the sea. After an underwater battle, only King Kong resurfaces and begins to slowly swim back home to Faro. As Kong swims home onlookers aren’t sure if Godzilla survived the underwater fight but speculate that it was possible.”

    Let’s Go Kong!

  5. I’m right in the middle of winter break so I’m:

    1) Catching up on some of the reading I’ve missed over the last month. I want to finally finish The Missing Peace (the book is endless), I read Moneyball and I want to read Posner’s new book on national security.

    2) Caught up on Heroes.

    3) Looking for a job for the spring. I have way too much time off and not enough to do during it.

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