If You Could Do Anything…

Every once in a while, either I, or a good friend of mine, gets to do something, or be involved with something, that is so cool, that it makes me pause.

I stop and wonder, “could I do that? for real?” And I don’t mean in that “could I jump in front of an oncoming train, press myself over another man and stay there while the train went over us, with not an extra millimeter of clearance” way, because I sure as hell couldn’t.

I mean, if I didn’t have to worry about making a living or supporting a family, could I do that as my job?

For instance, my good friend (and sporadically two-months behind commenter) Moishe had an awesome back and forth email with a beat writer for the local hockey team for one of the major area papers. It started because he found a factual mistake in that day’s column, and pointed it out. When someone pointed out that Moishe should be a fact-checker for the paper (since he knows so much about his favorite team, “az it’s scare”, he would do a sick job), and Moishe responded that if not for family contraints there are a few jobs he would love to have. And thus, a blog post was born.

But I can’t say this is the first time I’ve ever thought about it. Every once in a while, doing something fun, I wonder if I can make a living out of it. Sometimes, I wonder if I’d be better suited for a different job, and what that job would be.

So I pose the question to my readership (which, by the way, whenever I do one of these interactive posts, you guys suck with the interaction, so pick it up and get commenting):

If you could do anything, with no concern for income, what would you do?

I have to think about my answer, or several answers perhaps, but I think I know what it is. I’ll post mine in the comments later.


4 responses to “If You Could Do Anything…

  1. Ski Instructor in the winter. Golf, tennis and fishing in the summer.

    I once had a ski instructor in Stratton, VT who grew up in Queens (not far from where I grew up) and left NY to teach skiing and fishing. Not a bad way to live.

    Freaking yeshiva tuitions!!


  2. Anything but law…

    But ideally, if there was a way to get paid for finding all of this crap online, that would be pretty sweet.

  3. I think I would want to do voice-over work for television and cartoons. (Not like commercial stuff, like character stuff.)

  4. Football head coach. Advisor to the President of the United States.

    I think Shabbos gets in the way more than the money, actually…

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