Politicians Don’t Get It

You’d think by now, in the age of the Interwebs, politicians like John Edward* (no, wait…John Edwards. That’s better.) would realize that almost everything they say in public will get recorded, videotaped or transcribed (or all three) and publicized for everyone to see.

You’d think by now their campagin people will tell them that equivocating their opinions will only lead to trouble.

You’d think by now they’d realize that contradicting themselves will only lead people to blog about it, and call them out on it.

Case in point, the Psychic Senator himself.

Edwards at the annual Herzliya Conference:

“Let me be clear: Under no circumstances can Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapons. . . . Once Iran goes nuclear, other countries in the Middle East will go nuclear, making Israel’s neighborhood much more volatile.

Iran must know that the world won’t back down. The recent U.N. resolution ordering Iran to halt the enrichment of uranium was not enough. We need meaningful political and economic sanctions. We have muddled along for far too long. To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep ALL options on the table, Let me reiterate–ALL options must remain on the table.”

Nice. Strong. Diplomatic but realizing that a dangerous madman sometimes can force your hand into a dangerous response. I like it. But wait….

Edwards on Meet the Press:

Russert: Would President Edwards allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon?

Edwards: I–there’s no answer to that question at this moment. I think that it’s a–it’s a–it’s a very bad thing for Iran to get a nuclear weapon. I think we have–we have many steps in front of us that have not been used. We ought to negotiate directly with the Iranians, which has not, not been done. The things that I just talked about, I think, are the right approach in dealing with Iran. And then we’ll, we’ll see what the result is.

Russert: But they may get one.

Edwards: Yeah. I think–I think the–we don’t know, and you have to make a judgment as you go along, and that’s what I would do as president.

D’Oh! Care to clarify, John? Pander to the New York Money People (read: Jews) much, John? Uch. (Maybe he should ask John Edward to see if there’s a nuclear “energy” around Ahmadinejad.)

* – “I feel an energy. You knew someone who died, from something…. in their …. body. I’m getting a name. Did this person have a name?”
“Yes, my aunt, Mary. She died from lung cancer”
“Yes, that’s it. Mary. That’s the name. She’s here. She’s telling me to say “I love you.”
“Oh my God! Mary always said that!”

Hattip: BOTW


2 responses to “Politicians Don’t Get It

  1. Noyam is back on the derech with a hattip to BOTW.

  2. Firstly I love the John Edward reference. That guy is such a scam. Does he still have a TV show?

    I saw the John Edwards contradictions highlighted on BOTW and I think this kind of pure political pandering disqualifies him as a serious candidate. Politicians often play up to their crowds and often change their opinions based on the public’s opinion but this is over the top. He’s essentially a liar. You can’t trust a guy like that. I can just imagine what he has said to the plaintiff’s bar.


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