So Why Do I Keep Watching?

Dan got me thinking with this comment. Where would I rank 24 on my list of current favorite shows.

This is along the lines of Dan’s famous: “Do you rearrange your life so you can watch this show?” Also expressed by Moishe as “If you had one hour to watch TV what would you watch?”

While the answer was 24 for the first few seasons, it’s just not anymore.

Here’ my list. I am putting this list together on the fly, so I have no idea how far down 24 will go. Let’s see:

1. Heroes
2. Criminal Minds
3. Rome
4. Friday Night Lights (gets better as I catch up)
5. House
6. The Unit
7. 24

Wow. I was a little shocked by seventh also! And I don’t even watch Prison Break or Lost, which presumably would be up there, and we’re not even counting half-hour shows.

“Really?” you will ask me “you’d rather watch any one of those shows before 24? I doubt that.” Well, the truth is, there are other factors at play. 24 is a cultural phenomenon. People talk about it every Tuesday morning. If I don’t want it ruined for me, and I want to be able to take part in the conversation, I am going to watch it as close to live as possible (with the built-in DVR Delay; ie 9:20 start time, no commercials). But that doesn’t mean as a stand-alone hour of television (even in the grand scheme of the season) that I enjoy it as much as any of the other shows on that list. Some are obvious (Heroes, Rome), some may surprise you (Criminal Minds is consistently a gripping, scary and fantastically written hour. And the actors are great. I love that show. Same for The Unit, just not scary.) House has gotten a little weaker, but is still strong and entertaining (Grey’s Anatomy might have once been on the list, but has since gotten annoying).

I don’t know. 24 just isn’t the gripping emotional thrill ride it once was. Remember when there was intrigue? When there was actual drama about what was going on and who was behind certain things and for what reason? Now it’s all formulaic. So why do I keep watching? Intertia’s probably the strongest reason. Maybe the only reason.


4 responses to “So Why Do I Keep Watching?

  1. The Unit is one of those shows I wish I watched more often. There probably isn’t another show on tv that can match the intense action of The Unit. Unfortunately, I find the stories involving the military wives to be way too boring, and way too regular.

  2. Classmate-Wearing-Yarmulka

    I got hooked on The Unit this season.

    I actually don’t mind (most) of the wives stories, it makes for an interesting change of pace.

  3. I agree with Dan, the side stories are very 1980’s-ish. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching Magnum PI (which was great in its time) or CHIPS (also great). The acting is not great and frankly I’m a little tired of Jobu, President Palmer, Allstate guy – I need him to take a season off. I watch it if there’s nothing better on but it’s not great.


  4. Salve Friends!

    I tried The Unit when it premiered and was not hooked after a few episodes. As you can guess, though, I am a big Rome fan and mourn it’s impending demise.

    As for 24, I was appalled at a line I heard in a recent episode. Jack was touching base with Buchanan (he had just spoken to Logan) and told Buchanan that he “would debrief him” when he got back. Ugh. How did no one pick up on that?

    That aside, I’ll still be there to watch, every week. (Or more realistically with me, a few weeks late).

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