I Need a Ruling

Seriously, I need an Orthodox Rabbi to tell me that this is OK:


This looks utterly fantastic. I know Sefardim have been doing forever. But I want to know if this is cool for Ashkenazim!

Because I want to eat this at my seder (and the rest of Pesach).

For several reasons, not the least of which is that when I imagine B’Nei Yisrael leaving Egypt with their dough that didn’t have time to rise, this is what I imagine.

And when I eat Korech and say that little intro about Hillel, I am almost certain that this is what he was using (a korbon pesach wrap!!)

And imagine the matza pizza!!

After a quick perusal of the website, the only objection I can see to this being unacceptable for Ashkenazim is “that’s just not what we do.” In other words, an objection of convention rather than halachah. And to that, I direct you to the blog subheader for my answer (quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson): “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

I’m not saying there isn’t a better reason out there, I’m just saying “that’s just what we do” isn’t going to satisfy me.

Who’s with me?! Who’s ordering 6 lbs. of Soft Matza this year?!

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3 responses to “I Need a Ruling

  1. If it is truly kosher L’Pesach I don’t see why you can’t at least eat it every other meal aside from the sedarim. I think it would be somewhat sacreligious to have this as your only matzoh at the seder. There are many traditions we keep at the seder even though they might not be specifically required by halacha. Eating hard matzoh is one I would probably hold on to even for the sake of nostalgia. There’s something about breaking your teeth (often literally) over a good piece of hand shmurah. We need to find out about the hashgacha b/c this could revolutionize pesach. You want schwarma in a laffa on pesach…no problem.


  2. I find some aspects of this amusing: 3-4 matzos per pound? Needs to be frozen? What kind of matzah is this!

    In all seriousness, I concur with your imagination – I also picture original matzos and those that were eaten with the korban pesach (b’zman shebeis hamikdash hayah kayam) as being more pita-like than cracker-like.

    Then again, when registering to be part of a korban pesach chabura, I don’t think you had to worry about things such as finding a gebruchtz or non-gebruchtz chabura.

    Oh well.

    Which brings to mind one of my most favorite blessings:
    …Then we shall eat of the sacrifices and of the Pesach-offerings whose blood shall be sprinkled on the wall of Your altar for acceptance; and we shall thank You with a new song for our redemption and for the deliverance of our souls. Blessed are You, G-d, who redeemed Israel.

    Perhaps we should add to it, “Then we shall eat…of soft, digestible matzah…”


  3. What do you mean!? It’s almost certain that matza was more like laffa back in the day. Shwarma in a laffa? Can you say “korban Pesach”?

    (I’m not kidding, by the way. It’s fun when you have a Sephardi FIL who knows Shas, Poskim, & History. 😛 )

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