Hit Him!!

Bill Simmons mentioned it in his blog today, and Mike Francesa was screaming about it this morning; I’ve been screaming about it for a couple of years:

Would somebody on the Yankees please drill a baseball into David Ortiz’s back?  Please?  The guy has built a four bedroom colonial in the batter’s box.  Enough already!  How many Yankees have to get hit by Boston pitchers before there’s the slightest bit of retaliation?

Joe Torre may think not retaliating makes him “classy.”  Well, that’s BS.  It makes him a wuss.  And it makes the rest of the Yankees’ hitters targets!  “Sure, we can plunk A-Rod to cool him off just a little, because it won’t matter to us.”  Until Manny gets an MLB-shaped bruise, they won’t think twice about it.  And no manager should allow his team to be sitting ducks.

How does a manager allow a pitcher to give up four homers in a row?  After the second, he should be pissed.  After the third, the next guy gets plunked.  Maybe the pitcher gets tossed because it’s obviously intentional.  But the batters can’t think they’re taking batting practice.

Somebody plunk someone, please!


2 responses to “Hit Him!!

  1. I totally agree. Ortiz and Manny are up there playing with no fear. That can’t happen.

    But Red Sox fans have got to calm themselves. They won 3 games by a total of 4 runs against Pettite (who dominated), and two no-names. At the same time, the Yankees pounded their best 3 starters.

    The Yankees starters get healthy and the bullpen is no longer overworked, and we’ll see how the matchup is.

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