What a Bunch of…

…well, this is a family blog, so you get the point.

MLB suspended Joe Torre (1 game) and Scott Proctor (4 games) for their role in….I don’t even know.

Seriously, Proctor didn’t even hit the guy.  He pitched inside.  Now pitching inside warrants an ejection and a suspension?  When did this league turn into a needlepoint club?

You know what bugs me more?  That the Yankees’ version of retaliation is pitching inside.  Either Proctor is so bad he can’t even hit a guy right, or the Yankees just won’t order someone beaned; not to protect the plate and not to protect one of their own hitters.  They’re an even bigger bunch of wussies (I really wanted to use a word that rhymes with wussy right there, I promise) than the execs at MLB.


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