I’m a Sucker for Crazy Rumors

Let’s see: Giambi to the AngelsHelton to the Yanks

Yup, those definitely crack a solid 7 on the Crazi-O-Meter.  And I LOVE IT!! So crazy, in fact, it just might work.  Follow me: Giambi is owed $47M for 2007-08.  Helton is Owed: $91M through 2011, including $4.6M buyout of a $23M club option for 2012.

If the Yankees chip in half of Giambi’s contract to get Molina and Figgins back (which immediately makes their bench a gajillion times better), and then take on Helton’s deal, with some money (say, $30 million) chipped in, which would cost them nothing (like the Abreu deal), they would ultimately have to pay more, but here’s the upgrade from Giambi to Helton: About 30 points of OPS+, which is OPS measured against the league average, and adjusted for Ballpark factor.  100 is exactly average, 150 is outstanding.  Giambi is at a stellar 133 this year.  Helton is at a super 161.  Plus, he plays defense.  Get Helton at 1B, you can get rid of one of Phelps or Mientkiewicz, and free up another bench spot to use on a useful utility player.  Then, the only thing missing is a DH, and you can either let this be a rest spot for the everyday players, when Figgins can fill in all over the field, and use a Righty-OBP kind of guy to balance the lineup on other days. 

This is PERFECT!  Man, I can dream.


5 responses to “I’m a Sucker for Crazy Rumors

  1. I love Yankees fans. “Hey, let’s trade Phelps for Hafner.”

    Why would the Angels or Rockies do those deals?!

  2. Ezzie, Ezzie, Ezzie. I never suggested Phelps for Pronk. I know that would be crazy. The Yanks would be getting ripped off.

    The point of linking to the rumors is that they are rumors.

    BUT, in terms of a reality of justification: the Rockies have put Helton on the market already. They need to clear his salary to sign their younger stars (like Holliday). The deal that I mentioned would be an Abreu-type deal. The Yankees take on the salary, but don’t have to surrender any players for it. I don’t think that’s altogether unrealistic.

    As for the Angels and Giambi? He still has value, and the Angels have a place and a need for him in their lineup. They need a left-handed power bat that can get on base. That’s Giambi. And if the Yankees pay a large chunk of the salary, they would be getting him on the cheap, and would thus surrender a bench player to get him. Also not that unrealistic.

    Then the Yankees could turn around and offer Wil Nieves for Hafner. Much better deal.

  3. There was a cute article in today’s NY Sun arguing (somewhat tounge and cheek) that when the Yanks toss Torre, Jeter should take over as player-coach. Tim Marchman starts his article with a NY sports truism: “Because there is no joy to be had in writing about New York baseball if you can’t get well ahead of events, let me make a proposition: ”


  4. Can the Mets get in on this deal? Maybe they can dump Julio Franco

  5. Interesting deals, but they wouldn’t solve their biggest offensive problem, which is weak right handed hitting. The Yanks pretty much have Jeter and A-Rod and that’s it. They are substantially better against righties than lefties (which might help them in their remaining games against the Sox).

    So it would be better to go after Pujols. He’s struggling and the team is going nowhere.

    Now that’s a dream.

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